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by Infinity Concepts | Oct 20, 2009 | Branding

A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking you to comment on your thoughts about Infinity Concepts. Your feedback was extremely helpful to us. It helped us come to several conclusions. I thought I would share some of those conclusions with you today. Here’s what we learned:

  1. For the past several months we have been considering changing our name. We were considering finding a name that was more creative or descriptive of what we do. However, we learned that Infinity Concepts has significant brand equity. That brand equity has value. To consider a name change would require that we either abandon the existing equity and rebuild from scratch, or that we develop a strategy to transfer the existing equity to a new name. The first option was not acceptable and the second option was very costly. After careful consideration I can tell you that Infinity Concepts is here to stay.
  2. We learned that Infinity Concepts has an outstanding reputation. During the past seven years we have worked hard to deliver the best service and greatest value to our clients. The organizations that know Infinity Concepts believe in us. We are seen as creative, knowledgeable in media, brand development, and organizational development. The survey also showed that we provide good customer service. That was an encouraging piece of information.
  3. We also learned that not everyone understands the full extent of what we do as a company. Infinity Concepts is a brand communications agency. This means we help our clients define, internalize, and communicate their brand.
    1. Defining a brand is the process of understanding the core assignment of the organization, finding a memorable and consistent expression of that assignment, and bringing all points of interaction into alignment.
    2. Internalizing a brand is the process of integrating the brand into the fabric of an organization and creating a unique culture that expresses the brand through its attitudes, words, and actions.
    3. Communicating a brand is the process of expressing the established brand across all media. This includes ministry, fundraising, and corporate communications. Within the scope of brand communication we develop ad campaigns and write fundraising letters; design annual reports and script radio spots; produce television shows and create brochures; handle public relations and conduct HR training. All types of communication need to be consistent expressions of the brand both inside the organization and out.
  4. Finally, we learned that different people see us in different ways. Because of the broad spectrum of services Infinity Concepts provides, people tend to view us based on how we assisted them. Some people see us as media specialists, others as a design firm; some see us as an ad agency, others as a fundraising consultancy; some see us as corporate management consultants, others see us as marketing specialists. The interesting thing is all of the above are true. When I first started Infinity Concepts I wanted to create an organization that could come alongside leadership, reinforce their efforts, and help them reach the next level. To do that takes a broad scope of services and diverse expertise. Thankfully, God has been good and has given us an amazing team that can truly impact these diverse areas of need.

So, I want to say thank you… Thank you for helping us better understand ourselves and make some critical decisions. Thank you for helping us better understand how you see us and where we need to improve as a brand communications agency. And thank you for your confidence in us during the past seven years. We look forward to serving you in even greater ways in the days ahead.

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