Three Ways to Retain Your Employees

by Infinity Concepts | Jan 19, 2010 | Consulting, Leadership

Did you know that every time an employee leaves your organization it costs you on average $35,000? With all the costs associated with searching for candidates, hiring, training, and maintaining productivity levels, wouldn’t it be easier to just retain the employees you have? Sounds easy, right? It is!

Put the time into the employees you already have by…


Whether their position is paid or volunteer, be sure the work your employees are doing satisfies their desires and abilities. Ask all your employees to complete a Gifts Assessment Profile and see if they are doing the job God has called them to do. Discover their God-given gifts and create positions that allow them to freely act on those gifts. You will not only keep your employees happy, you may even uncover some hidden talents.


Your employees are naturally motivated by their human desires for affiliation, achievement, purpose, ownership, competence, recognition, and meaning in their work. All you need to do is:

Eliminate your organization’s negative practices:

  • DON’T create an atmosphere full of company politics
  • DON’T develop unclear or unrealistic expectations of your employees’ performance
  • DON’T create unnecessary rules and procedures for employees to follow
  • DON’T plan unproductive and time consuming meetings for employees to attend
  • DON’T promote internal competition between employees
  • DON’T withhold information critical for employees to perform their work
  • DON’T provide destructive criticism instead of constructive feedback
  • DON’T tolerate poor performance
  • DON’T treat employees unfairly
  • DON’T underutilize the capability of your employees

and Increase your positive motivators:

  • Provide employees with input and choice in how they do their work
  • Encourage responsibility and leadership opportunities within your company
  • Promote social interaction and teamwork between employees
  • Tolerate learning errors by avoiding harsh criticism
  • Promote job ownership
  • Develop goals and challenges for all employees
  • Provide lots of encouragement (A kind word goes a long way!)
  • Make appreciation part of your repertoire
  • Develop measurements that show performance increases


Not everyone gets along in a work environment. It is inevitable that personalities will clash. So how do you get your employees to work together and accept one another? Acknowlege the difference in personalities, help them understand how to communicate with one another, and ultimately help them to value the differences. We use and recommend a great instrument called the DISC Profile that each of your employees should take. (DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.) Each employee will receive a personality profile that identifies their tendencies, with suggestions about how to communicate with other types of personalities. You don’t realize how different you all are until you take this profile and see it in black and white.

REMEMBER: It is much cheaper to invest in your current employees than to hire new ones every year!
To request more information about the Gifts Assessment Profile, DISC Profiles, or other team building tools, contact us at info@infinityconcepts.com.

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