by Infinity Concepts | Feb 23, 2010 | Branding

What do people think of when they come in contact with your organization? You know your organization is one of a kind, but what do other people think of you?

Every organization has a “brand” whether they realize it or not. Your organization brand is the total of all the experiences people have with your organization. The question then becomes this: Is your organizational brand accidental or intentional?

Infinity Concepts can help you build a consistent and memorable brand by working with you to discover and define your unique assignment. What is your organization’s “unique selling proposition” that sets you apart from others in your industry? When you define and clearly communicate this, your audience will best understand your organization and know what makes you different.

Specifically, through our DNA Workshop, Infinity Concepts can work with you to help you define and build this consistent “brand.” This will then spur your audience to realize that no one else offers what you do. Our tailored DNA Workshop will help you:

  • Discover your unique assignment
  • Navigate your strategic development
  • Actualize your tactical implementation

As a result, your organization will have a clear, strong market representation. You will be able to capitalize on your strengths, and your audience will understand what you offer and know that you are a leader in the industry. Below are benefits of having a clear and defined brand:

  • Inspired donors and supporters
  • Informed viewers and listeners
  • Focused ministry efforts
  • Unified leadership and staff
  • Consistent communication in all media
  • A more powerful message as an organization

Contact Infinity Concepts if you would like to learn more about developing a clear brand. We would love to work with you to help you maximize your strengths and to lead you forward.

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