by Infinity Concepts | Mar 23, 2010 | Fundraising

In recent issues of Jump Start, we have been targeting some critical investment areas your organization should focus on when evaluating the clarity of your brand message. Today let’s do a “deeper dive” in the area of fundraising.

Many people think successful fundraising is as simple as finding some secret formula. If that were true, everyone who followed the template would have the same generous response.

However, developing a strong donor base is often more about “friend-raising” than fundraising. It’s about finding faithful, generous partners who are committed to your compelling vision. The cultivation of such partnerships is the key to consistent and long-term growth.

People are concerned about their money. They are concerned about how their money is used and the effective impact of their donotion/investment. Good stewardship is the hallmark of healthy organizations. Such an example not only provides a sense of assurance for potential donors, but an increased opportunity for future ministry.

Understanding the human dynamic is critical to successful fundraising as well. How do people think? What makes them respond? How can I communicate the vision in a compelling way? How can I establish improved and effective relationships with donors to make a greater impact as an organization?

While there’s no simple answer to successful fundraising, you can enjoy more effective and productive fundraising efforts by implementing tried and true principles based on your unique needs and assignment as an organization.

With Infinity Concepts serving as your full-service fundraising resource, you can build a loyal and generous donor base that embraces and supports your vision. This is accomplished through direct response communication, donor conversion strategies, partnership development, stewardship strategies, special events, and other fundraising channels that use every modern means of reaching your audience.

There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions in fundraising. If you have a need to raise more money or communicate more effectively, we should have a discussion. Give us a call.

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