National Religious Broadcasters Convention

by Infinity Concepts | Mar 2, 2011 | Branding

You will want to head on over to our Facebook Page and check out some of the pictures from the Convention. The highlight of the convention was the IMOT breakfast Sunday. Those who attended said it was an experience they will never forget. Those who didn’t really wished they had.

The whole thing was very moving, but when every one said “Next Year in Jerusalem” while waving their flags, it was incredible.

National Religious Broadcasters Convention

We were privileged to put the event together for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism as well as to work with a very special city in Israel, Akko. We met with many ministry leaders and a number of them are planning to include Akko in their next visit. If you would like more information on why a Christian Tour should include Akko, please call our office and ask for David Madeira.

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