Effective Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Offensive

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 28, 2011 | Branding, Creative

Pick almost any major company and you can find a marketing effort that failed because it is “off-brand”.  In an attempt to “stand out” in a declining culture, agencies will try to get clients to be “edgy” for the sake of it, without consideration of the long-term impact on the brand.

I was talking with Mark about this as we were preparing for his workshop next week at the EPA convention (Pioneer Branding: Crossing the Digital Frontier). I asked him why he thought it was that some campaigns miss the mark. His view is that “out of the box” thinkers sometimes confuse “shock value” with “creativity”. Successful marketing, he said, whether in the “Christian” or secular space, engenders positive relationships and makes people want to become an ambassador for the brand. Getting attention is not enough.

At Infinity Concepts, we safeguard against being “off-brand” for our clients by remaining committed to eternal Biblical values. Our clients come from across America and around the world, but truth is universal.

One example, the Israel Ministry of Tourism, has an incredible “product” – The Holy Land.  Our work for them, which is centered around getting thought-provoking and heart-felt messaging related to their core values to the Christian community, gets results precisely because it is focused on a simple truth – If you visit Israel, you will never be the same.

Creativity is applied by finding new ways to share that timeless truth.  Haim Gutin, Tourism Commissioner for the Israel Ministry of Tourism said, “Infinity Concepts consistently delivers new strategic initiatives tied to the Visit Israel — You’ll Never Be the Same brand they created. In the years we have been working with Infinity Concepts, Israel has repeatedly experienced record-breaking tourism.”

Figure it out, then write it down and post it.

Like the 10 Commandments, Infinity Concepts has 11 Principles that guide the business and creative counsel we give every day. These Principles are posted on our website.  Highlighting things like “a biblical worldview,” “honesty and integrity,” and “strategic thinking,” these “Principles” help us maintain the very highest standards for our clients.

We start by helping our clients to identify how they want to be perceived. Then we move on to who they want to reach. The next question is how do they want their audience to respond.  Only then do we strategically apply our creativity to their situation — always carefully guarding the client’s brand by following our principles.

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