Social Media — A Presence Or A Purpose

by George Konetes | Oct 11, 2011 | Digital

I hear a lot about social media strategies these days, but what I do not hear about as much are marketing strategies that involve social media. What is the difference? One is a way of using available technology. The other is leveraging that technology to achieve your marketing objectives.

If you are using social media simply because you want to have a “social media presence”, then you probably don’t need to use it as much as you think. But if you integrate social media as a strategic tool to further your organization’s initiatives then you are likely to see some tangible benefits.

Now don’t get me wrong, you should have a social media strategy. However that strategy should be fully integrated with your other marketing and PR initiatives. Infinity Concepts has a well-defined social media strategy. We have goals and objectives. Every part of our strategy has a purpose that works in some way to further those goals. At times the purpose may be as simple as adding value to our community or communicating with people on a deeper level.

Your social media strategy must go beyond having a presence to having a purpose! It’s about the “why”.

Social media has become an essential part of a complete marketing and communications strategy. It is an important component to reinforce your brand culture with your team, your constituency, and the general public. The social media conversation must reinforce your core values and promote your core objectives. Whether you post, blog, or tweet — do it with a clear purpose.

George Konetes

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