How to Build Twitter Reach: The 3 Major User Types

by George Konetes | Dec 27, 2011 | Digital

Gaining more Twitter followers is a business for some and an obsession for others.  The theories and the tactics for how to accomplish this goal range from mundane to bizarre.  As you search for the strategy that works best for you, don’t forget that even the best advice is geared to a specific situation.  There are different types of twitter users, and each type requires their own specific style of strategies.  Do you know what type of user you are?

Twitter users can be categorized into the following three major categories along with some of the unique challenges that they face.  No one fits neatly into a box, but you’ll get a sense for which situation is most like yours.

People who already know you and they will follow you wherever you go.  Celebrities, politicians, preachers, billionaires, and very hot brands are some of the most likely candidates to fall under this heading.  Famous user’s pages become social media hubs where the greatest challenge is managing their following and meeting their informational, emotional, or spiritual appetites.  You will further build your reach by turning your followers into advocates that go out and get others excited.

You’re not famous in the sense of constantly dodging paparazzi but when you speak, people listen.  This hat is worn by visionary CEOs, authors, industry leaders, big brands, and all of the nearly famous types of people still lacking paparazzi.  Distinguished users won’t get a huge following by just starting to tweet, but they will if they say “I just started to tweet”.  These users are respected because of their position, accomplishments, or perceived wisdom.  Their challenge is to build a community of substance that reflects well on their personal brand.  If they can provide enough value to their followers, then their reach will soar, but if not, their influence will wane.

Just because you’re not famous or distinguished doesn’t mean you don’t have anything valuable to say.  It’s my experience that many who start under this headline actually have more to say than those with greater influence.  They just weren’t blessed with or didn’t pay enough for a big soapbox.  These users will need to use time, creativity, and all the resources they can muster to build their following from the ground floor.  Their hope is to eventually become distinguished so that their ideas have the airtime they desire.

Think about all of the twitter advice that comes your way from now on and examine it in the light of what type of user you are and what type you aspire to become.

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George Konetes