3 Ways Blogging Builds Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

by George Konetes | Jan 19, 2012 | Creative, Digital

I don’t have time to blog.  Everyone has likely said these words at one time or another. But what do you have time to do?  Many companies will spend tens of thousands of dollars to build a good website.  But what they don’t realize is that without fresh content that website is like a passenger jet on a runway without any fuel; it’s expensive and useful but it’s just not going anywhere.

Blogging is the fuel that gets your site found on search engines, it gives people something to find, and it makes them happy they found it.

FACT: Google has recently updated their algorithm to give preference to newer content in many search categories.

What does this mean to you?  It means that your blog can no longer function like an archive of old keyword rich press releases.  It has to be fresh, timely, and consistent to be effective.  And what does being effective look like?  Well, three major things that your blog brings to your website and company are SEO juice, a social media focal point, and a platform from which you can display expertise in your field.  Your blog is the core of your inbound marketing strategy.


The first thing your blog does is create banks of keyword infused content that is relevant to your audience.  Google sees your efforts to add meaningful contributions to your field and tips their hat to you by rewarding you with higher search rankings and inbound traffic.  The more relevant and helpful your blog is to your audience, the better the web traffic you can hope to receive.

Social Media

Facebook is most often used for B2C communication while LinkedIn is more for B2B leaving Twitter to dabble in both.  Your blog however is B2Everyone.  Your blog links to all of your social media platforms and all of your social media platforms should funnel traffic to your blog.  Without this social hub you are limiting both the effectiveness and the value that any other social outlet can provide.


A lot of people think expertise is most important, but that’s not necessarily the case. Unless people know you exist and engage with you, they’ll be unaware of your expertise.  But once you have an engaged audience, then your blog becomes your stage where you can display your expertise by providing valuable and insightful content.  It can become a hub, a community that grows around each nourishing word that you skillfully craft and give away.

The biggest key to inbound marketing is getting links, traffic, and leads inbounding to you.  Your blog is the cornerstone of making this happen.

The ineffective or inappropriate use of social media is something we refer to as being socially awkward.  If you’d like more information that can provide social media training, social strategy, and the social media help your organization needs to stay out of this category then download our Free Guide Social Media 101 today!

George Konetes

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