4 Factors That Impact Christian Media Time Buying

by George Konetes | Jul 3, 2012 | Digital, Media

When it comes to media buying, it is important to recognize the differences that exist between the secular and Christian markets. Sure, a lot of the basics are the same, but there is a big shift in strategy. Media placement in the secular market is mostly an exercise in mathematics and logic, where prices and statistics drive the equation. But buying airtime in the Christian market for a media ministry adds multiple layers of complexity to the media strategy.

Here are four factors to keep in mind as you move forward with your media outreach.

1. Audience

Buying airtime on a reputable Christian network in a good time slot does not guarantee that you will reach your intended audience. Even if you choose a network whose audience is similar to your local audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will reach the best audience for your specific message.

2. Media Response

The goal of any media outreach is to generate some type of response. Some are looking for donors or partners, some look for product sales, others are interested in solely spiritual impact. Different markets, networks, and air times can impact what type and degree of response your program will receive.

3. Analysis and Reporting

Most Christian media networks can only provide reports on when your program runs and what the potential viewership would be. However, in order to make effective strategic decisions, additional analysis should be done that measures ROI in terms of response, sales, or donor impact.

While actual audience is very difficult to ascertain on a Christian outlet, you can measure response. Response can be measured on one outlet relative to another to determine the effectiveness of the outlet. When using an agency, response can also be measured relative to the historical experience of other programmers using the same outlet. While no agency should ever give you specific information about another client, they can benchmark the performance of your program compared to the overall performance they see with other clients. This can help you improve the effectiveness of your program overall.

4. Negotiations

Grappling with all the variables that impact the media planning and buying process can be quite complex. Negotiating times and rates with new contacts in unfamiliar markets can be a daunting experience. This is where working with an agency can be incredibly valuable. When an organization commits to work with a media placement agency, they gain not only expert strategy but also a wealth of contacts, relationships, and industry knowledge that can directly impact the bottom line.

These four nuggets are part of a bigger picture that includes media production, media funding, and media planning. For more information on the total package Download Your Free Guide To Successful Media Outreach!

George Konetes

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