4 Keys To Executing An Effective Public Relations Campaign

by George Konetes | Jul 5, 2012 | Public Relations

There are many different approaches to a strategic and effective public relations campaign. However, once you have built your strategy and developed the campaign, the critical component becomes effective execution.

Keys To Executing An Effective Public Relations Campaign

There are common elements to effectively execute almost every public relations initiative. While the following is not an exhaustive list, we have listed a few mission-critical components to carry out an effective campaign.

The Right People

It is important to have diligent and responsible people heading any effort, but for PR you also need to consider the personality type of the individual executing your campaign. Some people are naturally outgoing, easy to talk to; focused yet friendly. These are your best candidates. You need people who naturally build relationships and can talk through some of the initial barriers when making new contacts.

Know Your Stuff

It is all too easy to get set a goal and start running. But before you do anything with regard to Public Relations, you need to study and compile information. You need to know everything about your campaign, inside and out; have all the details, prepare for objections; think through every possible scenario and outcome before you ever make a post, pick up the phone, or start a project. If you are in the public eye and someone asks you a simple question about your efforts that you cannot answer, the whole campaign can be damaged.

Know Your Contacts

The only thing more embarrassing than to call and asking for the wrong person is to call and ask for someone who does not exist. Do your homework, find out who your contacts are, and verify your notes. Consider what you have to say that is of interest to them. Then, tailor your communication to be as relevant and effective as possible. Taking some extra time up front can save you from burning bridges in the long run.

Be Ready For Action

You may wait for days to get in contact with someone influential. The last thing you want to do is realize that you do not have the information or the authority needed to take action right way. Some projects collapse for no other reason than delays caused by superfluous communications. Be sure you are positioned to capitalize on every call.

Good Public Relations requires hard work. These keys can help you make the most of your efforts and execute a successful strategic campaign.

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George Konetes

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