What Are Your Strongest Brand Components?

by George Konetes | Aug 1, 2012 | Branding

Every brand has high points and low points. Each has brand components that are excellent, components that are good, and components that are not so noteworthy. My question for you is this: “What are the strongest aspects of your brand?” I am not necessarily talking about brand distinctives, although there is likely some overlap. Rather, I want to look at what your brand does well that goes unnoticed, and how you can leverage that.

Brand Reflection

Often organizations overlook their strengths. Whenever something goes smoothly day in and day out you tend not to think about it much. Brands can be the same way. Often you may not realize your brand is highly respected in the industry because the only symptoms may be that conversations go smoothly at events and meetings. But if you do some careful brand reflection you may be surprised to realize that there are things that you have been taking for granted. There may be more resources and opportunities on the table than you think.

Brand Services

We often hear about our weaknesses more than our strengths. The reason why is that people tend to complain when they are uncomfortable, and once they get comfortable they forget how we got that way. Your brand does have strengths, even if you have not heard much about them recently. Once you are able to put your finger on those strengths it becomes clear how you can benefit from them. If your brand is well respected in the industry, then you can provide a service where you examine and comment on practices in the industry. Look for the natural connections between what your strengths are and what services or products integrate well.

Leverage Your Strongest Brand Components

Your strongest brand components may be any number of things and can come in all shapes and sizes. The goal is to capitalize on those strengths while maintaining brand unity and not negatively impacting your brand personality. It is easy to want to launch out into a new area, but really analyze your brand assets. It may be more prudent to launch a new initiative into a familiar area. This is because your brand’s strengths are often tied to the audience who is familiar with you.

At the end of the day, remember that your brand is what people think of when they think of you. Find ways to enhance their perception while augmenting your services.

George Konetes

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