Print Is NOT Dead

by Infinity Concepts | Jul 15, 2013 | Branding, Creative, Public Relations

As a part of the millennial generation I have grown up using technology. One of the hardest habits to break during graphic design classes was to refuse the urge to go straight to the computer to design and instead sketch down our ideas on paper.

The fact is, even though technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives each day, paper still serves as an effective and principal means of communication. Whether it is for our own needs or to communicate to another person, print is NOT dead.

Just as I was trying to communicate and brainstorm my ideas automatically through the computer, many businesses are instantly going to online resources to reach their target audience. Even though the World Wide Web serves as a great source of quick and efficient communication, print can also serve as a meaningful medium to reach your audience.

There are several types of print marketing, ranging from posters to billboards and everything in between.

Collateral Material

Collateral materials are used to support a media campaign and/or the brand of a company. In most cases, collateral material includes: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, direct mail, booklets and much more. By having the same design across all of your collateral material, your brand will become more recognized as a unit.

Press Advertisement

More commonly known as magazine and newspaper ads, press advertisements allow for your name and product to be seen through other publications with the potential to reach new viewers. Press ads give the reader a call to action, whether it is to visit your website, order a product, or take a stand on an issue. Due to the placement in a handheld publication, press advertisements often include copy for the reader to understand the meaning behind the advertisement.

Poster Advertisement

Poster advertisements include a variety of outdoor marketing, including: billboards, transport posters, vehicle wraps, building posters, and more. Unlike press advertisements, posters are limited to the amount of copy. In most cases, the idea is sold through a captivating image with a maximum of eight words. Because posters are viewed by people on the go, the less words the better.

Whether your business is a large conglomerate or a small ministry, print advertising remains an effective means of communication. Collateral material, press advertisement, and poster advertisement remain one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Print allows for the consumer to see your mission and ideals in a variety of locations: while driving, waiting in a doctor’s office or in the comfort of their own home, just to name a few.

So, before you go straight to the computer for the newest form of marketing, give print an opportunity to shine.

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