Facebook Opens up Embedded Posts for all Users

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 17, 2013 | Digital

In July, Facebook announced the launch of their embed feature, but it wasn’t available to the general public. Now, after positive feedback from social giants Mashable and CNN, embedded posts are available to everyone.

What does that mean to you?

Well, now you can embed status updates, photos, or videos from users to any site, which makes it easier to share content on personal blogs or websites without reverting back to the Facebook platform. To use this feature, you can select “Embed Post” in a dropdown menu on the side, then copy that code as you would any other embedded content.

Embedding content is a way to directly interact with a post and do anything available on the main site such as reading comments, liking a post, or following the original poster without having to go back to the Facebook page. Remember, a post has to be public in order to have the embed feature, so you do have the option to not share a post; however, it’s obviously in any company’s best interest to get people to interact directly with posts.

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