A Day in the Life…

by Susie Dreistadt | Mar 4, 2014 | Leadership

One thing you can say about life at an ad agency is that no two days are ever the same. Some days are filled with crazy deadlines that must be met, with people running in all directions; others are quiet, productive “thinking” days. Whatever the day brings, we at Infinity Concepts enjoy the collaboration and teamwork it takes to accomplish our goals.

If I could describe a “typical” day at Infinity Concepts, it might begin with Maggie, the Marketing Wonder Dog, dashing through the front door, eagerly greeting staff at their desks and always looking for “treasures” in various trash cans. Next would be the 9:12 morning meeting (usually getting under way by 9:20am) where we discuss the goals for the day. And yes, the majority of our staff find seats for our “stand-up” meeting.

After our morning meeting, on to bigger and better things – more meetings! We have a variety – creative meetings, production meetings, account service meetings, sales team meetings – you name it, we’ve got it! The trick is scheduling the conference room first for your meeting or you might be stuck discussing your agenda in the hallway. We find that bribing our meeting coordinator sometimes works – she really likes chocolate!

The remainder of our day might include conference calls with clients, creating imaginative artwork, negotiating and buying media time, building websites, and of course, answering the volumes of email coming in daily.

It can also include birthday celebrations where we try to sing “Happy Birthday” on key, pranking someone’s office (yes, it happens—I vaguely remember an office where everything was covered in tin foil for quite a while), or simply enjoying the quirky sense of humor of some of our staff.

But the main thing that we do daily is to help our clients be about the business of ministry, coming alongside them, taking care of the details, and allowing them to fulfill God’s calling. We consider it an honor and a privilege to serve our clients and together make an impact for the Kingdom of God. Even if some of that tin foil comes into play!


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