Are You Able To Unplug?

by Paul McDonald | Mar 18, 2014 | Media

This year on March 7 we celebrated National Day of Unplugging. I only heard about it that day, so I was not able to participate this year. But next year, I will take the challenge!

Each year, on the first Friday in March, we are asked to turn off all electronic devices for a 24-hour period, beginning sundown on Friday and ending at sundown on Saturday. No cell phones, no tablets, no TV or radio, no email, no tweets, no Facebook time, nothing electronic. People are encouraged instead to go for a walk, talk to a friend (in person), or just look up at your surroundings.

The challenge for many of us is that we have become addicted to our electronic devices and believe we would be lost without them. I will dare to proclaim that I believe we are getting lost BECAUSE of them.

I dare you to try unplugging for even a few hours. Intentionally set time aside to completely disconnect from all your electronic devices. Choose another way to interact with your environment. What you might find is that it is very refreshing to let go of all those electronic crutches and really begin to experience the world—and people—around you.

Don’t wait until next March. Try it now. Try it this weekend. See if you are addicted to electronics. See if you can break free for even a few hours. See what you’re missing because you’ve tried so hard to stay connected to everything that you really aren’t connected to anything.

And don’t forget to celebrate National Day of Unplugging next year. Maybe by then you will be looking forward to it.

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