Take A Deeper Look: The Creative Process

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 22, 2014 | Creative

Before looking further into the graphic design process, it is vital to note that humans have felt the need to tell their story ever since the beginning of time. Before the first alphabet was written, people resorted to using pictures to explain their past, present, and future. Recent research shows the possibility of the first ever cave drawings were by Neanderthals approximately 40,800 years ago.

So how does this connect to modern day graphic design?

The form of human communication from cave drawings, pictographs, cuneiform to the beginning of the modern alphabet is in constant transformation. And so is graphic design. After all, graphic design, like early forms of communication, is a visual representation of expression and story telling. Graphic designers work hard to transform content and ideas into a clear presentation for your audience.

The Process

To some, the design process may appear as a mystery or unorganized but many graphic designers including myself go through a well thought out process. After finalizing the contract with a customer, Infinity Concepts works diligently to develop strategies based on the premises of the needs of the organization. Once the copy and content of a project is approved, the magic of design begins!

Whether the end product is a website, brochure, or identity piece the general process stays the same. After reviewing the project brief, graphic designers take a few steps before even opening Adobe software. In order to understand the needs of the client, general research of the brand, the research of competitors, and the copy provided contribute to the direction of the design. Multiple thumbnail sketches help progress different ideas as well. Every element of the design including the typography, image selection, graphical elements, and white space interact with one another to successfully depict the message.

Once an initial concept is designed, generally a proof in form of a PDF is provided to the client for review. Following review and approval of design the artwork is then prepared for production. Technical steps are needed to assure that the images and color scheme display as planned for both print and web materials.

The Outcome

Even though graphic design is constantly evolving with different techniques and styles, the actual process for each project stays relatively the same. Inspiration can come from literally anywhere such as other cultures, food, nature, or even architecture. Every element works interdependently to assure that the design represents the brand integrity and that the specific message is being portrayed to the target audience. The goal of graphic design is to provide creative solutions for your marketing needs.

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