Business Apps from The Beatles

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 30, 2014 | Digital

The Fab Four arrived in America 50 years ago this Fall. So let’s take a couple of minutes to list some business, productivity and/or travel applications that The Beatles may have inspired with their biggest hits. Hundreds of millions can’t imagine life without their music, and these apps are among those that yours truly cannot properly function without.

“Let It Be”


Everyone has a favorite social media editing + distribution dashboard, and this is mine. Buffer  offers a clean and easy-to-use interface across all my accounts, on all of my devices, and makes scheduling my social publishing really simple. Plus, the analytics reporting and content suggestions are great, too.



The smoothest application for storing, organizing and syncing your documents so you can access and edit them from multiple devices, Evernote is also the best web-clipping tool available, enabling you to easily capture, organize and manipulate content from the web. With a simple and well-balanced design, great features, Evernote is the best note-taking and organizational program you’ll find, making the information you need available to you anywhere.

“The Long and Winding Road”

Flight Track

This mobile app  has taken more stress out of my travelling than anything in recent years. Well, maybe TSA Pre-Check has been a bigger de-stresser, but Flight Track’s capabilities— including real-time updates on delays, gates and cancellations for more than 3,000 airports— has helped me keep my cool hundreds of times already.

“Eight Days a Week”


While still an evolving platform, I’ve really come to lean on Magneto — a smooth, user-friendly attempt to address the many flaws in standard operating system calendars. Regardless of which calendar servers others may be using, they can easily schedule events with you, and vice versa. Automatic travel times are calculated and added to your calendar, you can pull calendar events from websites, and integrate to-dos right in the calendar. The iPad and iPhone iterations are fantastic…But they still have a ways to go on the browser version.

“Got to Get You Into My Life”


No matter how many notebooks and devices you have, sometimes you just need the fastest way to send yourself a thought, a reminder, or a quick message. Captio is the simplest in the kingdom of app-simplicity: You jot a note on your iPhone or iPad, it goes directly to your inbox. It’s just faster than almost any other way to keep things on your radar when they come to you.

“With a Little Help from My Friends”


Cobook is pretty magical as a replacement for your standard address book. Not just your existing contacts — Give it access to your social media accounts, and Cobook will go through your contacts and pull them in too. Where possible, it will automatically merge people from different places with the same name. This has the effect of pulling in loads of extra data from the social web, and connecting your people to their Twitter accounts. It’s very cool, and very helpful.

“A Day in the Life”


Toggl is amazingly simple (wait, there seems to be a theme here) to use, and costs much less than most timesheet applications. Fully integrated with mobile devices, Toggl makes it especially easy for users to quickly track time while away from the office. While it may lack some of the tools and capabilities of more expensive solutions, Toggl is an app that’s easy to set up, super practical, and makes keeping track of what you spend your time on – repeat after me – simple.

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”


The number of times Dropbox  has come in handy for me is probably too high to count at this point. The cloud storage wars are far from over, but it’s hard to beat this player for providing what you need when you need it. Install it on the computers you want to sync files with and simply drag and drop the files and folders you want to sync between computers. Dropbox also makes it easy to allow public access to some of your files, especially when you have a large document you need to send to a client or coworker.

“Twist and Shout”


Yes, even a Neanderthal like me can whip together cool, animated presentations — right on my iPad — with Prezi, a cloud-based presentation software that provides a great platform for creating cool presentations without a degree from art school. The zoom in/out canvas makes it great for creating visually captivating presentations, and it’s also a terrific tool for ideation whiteboarding.

“Come Together”


My struggle for the perfect email software will apparently never end. These days, I’m all about Boxer, which offers an attractive interface, and the best way I’ve found to manage multiple email accounts across my non-desktop devices.

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