7 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Presence Up To Date

by George Konetes | Dec 16, 2014 | Creative, Digital

Facebook is always changing.  The culture, the best practices, and the algorithm – they are always evolving.  And the best way to stay at the front of the pack is to make adjustments every step of the way.  But sometimes, we get caught up focusing in other areas and are unable to stay on top of Facebook changes and the necessary adaptations to our approach.  So I wanted to give you a short list of simple things you can do to keep your Facebook presence up to date.

I see many of these left undone on a regular basis, so there is nothing to feel bad about.  But there is a lot to gain by doing them!

1) Use full-size pictures

Optimum photo size for the news feed is 504 x 504 pixels.  You can trim some off the top or bottom but always keep the width at 504.  Photos that are less than 504 pixels wide just do not display well and will cost you engagement and reach.

2) Be careful when using oversized photos

Bigger is not always better on Facebook.  If your photo is larger than 504 x 504, Facebook will reduce it down to display it in the news feed.  This will often cost you some sharpness in your image and may impact the color.  If you want your photo to be crisp, size it to be exactly 504 pixels wide.  Ironically I see a lot of larger photos cost people engagement because blurry images do not grab the eye as well.

3) Do not over post

One post per day is widely considered to be optimal.  If you post more frequently, spread your posts out so they do not compete with each other for user attention.  And keep in mind, many users do not want to feel bombarded with your posts so be mindful about boosting multiple posts per day as well.

4) Use your Facebook voice

Your Facebook page is not a news website, a fundraising platform, a blog, or a sales machine.  It is a legitimate extension of your brand, but your Facebook voice needs to be a unique expression.  Develop a voice that represents your brand well but resonates with this audience and be careful of writing the same way you do on other platforms.  If you write posts the same way you write in other areas, you may be seen as being “socially” awkward.

5) Not all post types are created equal

Facebook has begun substantially penalizing text-only posts made by pages.  Linked posts that pull in images and copy via metadata are penalized somewhat less.  And photo posts see the least punishment from the system.  So if you want to maximize your reach, post vibrant photos.  Links can be included in the text with a large photo as needed.

6) Posts can no longer double as ads

Very recently Facebook passed a resolution that if a regular page post sounds and looks like an advertisement, they will begin severely penalizing the reach of your posts and your page.  Bots read your copy and scan your photos to make determinations, but they are also asking your followers to rate your posts on whether they feel like ads.  The bottom line is that posts are for content and advertisements are, well, for advertisements. Don’t cross the streams!

 7) Stop asking for likes, comments, and shares!

You guessed it, Facebook is now scanning posts and will be penalizing pages which directly ask people to like, comment, or share.  This is an easy penalty to avoid, but the idea is that Facebook wants content to be more organically engaging.  People should like things because they really do like them, not because they feel obligated by your request to click like.  Yes I know, it sounds like they are going overboard here.  But it is what it is.

So there you have it.  Put these seven tips into practice today and you will be seven steps closer to being on the cutting edge!

George Konetes

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