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instagram for business Seeking ways to boost your company’s social media engagement? If you haven’t sought beyond the reach of Facebook and Twitter, you are missing out on a potential expansion opportunity. Instagram is a key platform to attract users through visual messaging and sharing. Not only is it the fastest growing global social network, it also has the most engaged users.

Instagram’s simplicity and lack of advertisements allow you to grab the user’s full attention and communicate your message. This platform can boost your organization’s exposure, increase brand recognition, and generate demand. If you are considering making your brand visible to this new market, here are strategies to help you capitalize your business presence on Instagram.

Define your strategy. What does your business or organization have to offer Instagram users? Why should they follow you? Refrain from posting primarily about sales and promotions. Focus on the personal engagement and the interests of your audience. Grant users an exclusive insight into your business location and community. You want to provide a variety of quality pictures that are warm and not mechanical.

    • Generate a posting schedule. Actively share, but avoid saturating your followers’ feeds.
    • Post pictures of your customers as they are presented to your customer.
    • Showcase pictures or a video clip of employees. This also is a great way to celebrate and show appreciation to your staff.
    • Inspire potential customers by sharing pictures that are relevant to your brand.
    • Share an interactive picture or video of your business attending an event.

Optimize your profile.  The text space for an Instagram profile is limited. However, you want to ensure efficient use of the space provided. Complete your profile with the pertinent information customers might need to locate you. A complete profile should include:

    • Brief company description.  Ensure to include any specifics that set your business apart.
    • Contact information & address
    • Business website link
    • Profile picture of company logo

Use industry-related hashtags. Hashtags are vital to Instagram. It allows users to locate you through their mobile Instagram searches. It is recommended to utilize approximately four to seven hashtags.

    • Use brand specific hashtags. Include your business name in your post hashtags.
    • Use trending hashtags. If a current Instagram trend fits your brand, utilize it. It could enhance your post’s potential to be quickly viewed by thousands.
    • Include general hashtags that relate to your specific post.
    • Track your hashtags. Instagram analytics platforms provide key metrics on engagement.

Maximize your following. In order to accomplish this, you need to create a network. Focus on your customers.

    • Engage your followers. Like and comment on followers’ pictures especially if they emulate your brand. Encourage your followers to hashtag your brand. Show appreciation by acknowledging and sharing their brand related pictures. Be sure to ask their permission to use their picture first!
    • Reward your followers. This can be in the form of discounts, promo codes, special access, etc. Rewarding your followers with special perks will give incentive to be loyal followers.
    • Announce something new. Give your followers a first look or sneak preview of a newest company insight, development or event.

Instagram is a powerful social networking platform because it allows followers to see who you are. The key to success lies within the ability to connect with users and build a following that is actively engaged; making it a platform that all businesses can excel. Implement these strategies into your Instagram campaign and watch your organization flourish!

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