The Power Of Color

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 28, 2015 | Creative

power of colorClose your eyes… then open them. What do you see?

There have been extensive studies done on the imaging of the human brain and its senses.

Let’s break it down into three simple, yet powerful steps.

Shape. Design. Color.

Our brains process a lot of information in micro seconds, but the first thing that will register is the shape of something, then the design details, at last you notice its color.

Color can be THE determining factor in many design choices, big budget advertising campaigns, and yearly fashion trends. There are actually color specialists out there to tell you which color works better for specific groups of people to which you are trying to get your message across.

Focus groups help to determine which colors evoke the emotions that you want them to have. Your brand and promotional colors should both grab the attention of your audience, but also give them a sense of comfort and trust so that they are compelled to do what you are prompting them to do.

You may not think the color of the New York City fashion week influences colors through other industries, but believe me, this color will show up everywhere. Color trends begin showing up in commercials, websites, logos, branding etc…

Many publishing companies use the fashion week project colors as their palettes for magazine issues. You want to make sure you use colors that help you stand out, but that are also somewhat familiar to the audience. Your promotional colors should always complement your brand, and also keep you up to date on the latest visual trends.

Color evokes emotion. A color has many loyal followers, and color choice is purely personal. However, when you are marketing to a group of people, you must look at your audience as a whole as one person. You must know what color will captivate and relate to them.

Although the colors organizations use do not change very often, designers have recently begun to break color barriers for all types of designs. Don’t be afraid of color. Experiment and try new color combinations. Break away from red, green and blue. And most importantly, stay up to date on what will most effectively reach your audience.

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