You Should Work for Free

by Infinity Concepts | Aug 11, 2015 | Creative, Leadership

Are you willing to work for free? Because you should be evaluating what worth your salary truly holds.

Okay, maybe working for free isn’t ideal (or fun). But do you love what you do for a living? Do you truly have a passion for your work?

Trust me, I know living comfortably is nice. It’s even preferred. But living workcomfortably and detesting going to work every day equals a miserable life. And no one wants to be miserable.

If you are in a job and you don’t truly enjoy it, or if you’re currently searching for a job there are some things you should keep in mind.

What makes you happy?

I don’t mean sleeping in and playing with your dogs all day. Or maybe I do.

If animals are something you have a heart for, how does that translate to your skill set? Are you able to work for a shelter or a company that makes pet products? Look for those types of opportunities – though you’ll still have to get out of bed for work!

What are you good at?

Is there an area where you specifically excel? Maybe you’re a great communicator or details are your forte. Find a way to highlight that skill. Everyone is different and that is a great thing. The best leaders look for people to fill holes and make their team well-balanced. Find where you fit in that equation. You’ll thrive and be happier doing it because your value to your team is, well… invaluable!

Are you always up for a challenge, or are you risk averse?

Know who you are. Don’t do something just because you feel like you should. If you’re feeling like you need to take more risks and accept more challenges in life, it doesn’t always have to be in the workforce.

What is something in your personal life that you’ve been wanting to try? Desiring another challenge in life doesn’t have to mean changing your career path. Besides, there are plenty of ways to push yourself in the comfort of your current job. Look for opportunities to grow in your expertise. You never know where that path will take you.

Having a passion for what you do makes an immeasurable difference. Whether it’s something fun for you or it’s something that truly moves you, work shouldn’t have to feel like work. And you should want to work for free — or at least enjoy getting paid for doing something you love. That’s a risk worth taking!

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