Are You Crippling Your Content?

by Infinity Concepts | Oct 20, 2015 | Creative

Have you ever written what you thought would be a grand slam only to find your results struck out? Fear not. You are not alone! Over 50% of marketers reported difficulty composing effective content this year.

You’ve thoroughly researched your target audience and their behaviors. You wrote content that specifically addressed their preferences. So what went wrong? Here are some common overlooked mistakes that might be crippling your content.

Lengthy Copy

You may have a powerful message, but if it is buried under paragraphs of text, how will your audience ever know what you are trying to convey? As the old adage says, “Keep it simple!” A little goes a long way, especially for content marketing. Get in the habit of writing web-friendly copy. This is copy that can be easily scanned by readers. Optimize your content by composing short paragraphs with headers and bulleted or numbered lists.

Heartless Writing

The most effective content is captivating and draws emotion. You don’t have to be dry or bland to sound professional. Tailor your writing to your target audience, but don’t be afraid to add some personality. There is no such thing as a utopian copy. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say and that is simply an unavoidable fact. However, showing off the human side to your brand gives your audience something to connect to.

Repetitive Content

With the ever-changing world of marketing has come the birth of new social media platforms. In an effort to keep up with the revolving technology, many marketers fall victim to automation software. As a result, audiences are finding themselves oversaturated by the same message several times. To maximize the effectiveness of your reach, you must vary your approach on each platform. It is important to not sacrifice tailored content for the sake of time.


Of course the purpose of content marketing is to promote your brand. However, one must always keep in mind that you want a conversation with your consumers on social media. If you consistently keep a one-way channel of communication, you may find yourself the only one talking.

Trendy Lingo

Trends come and trends go. Although it is tempting to capitalize on a viral trend in the hopes of capturing the attention of thousands in a matter of minutes, do not fall into this trap regardless of the age of your target audience. Brands who do fall into this trap often times fade into the abyss like all fads. Audiences resonate with brands that are authentic. Do not sacrifice the integrity of your brand to look like the “cool crowd.”

The key to increased traffic, improved SEO, and a deeper connection with customers is fresh and engaging messaging. Keep this in mind as you create your content. It may require some extra effort, but will maximize your return in the long run!

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