Leverage Your Landing Page

by Infinity Concepts | Dec 15, 2015 | Creative, Digital

Is your landing page lacking? The landing page is often the most overlooked component in a conversion campaign. In many cases, marketers become easily consumed in attempting to craft the perfect ad copy, only to see less than exciting results. A compelling ad can get a reader to the door, but you need a strong landing page to get them to walk through it!

Here are some best practices of successful landing pages:

Head-turning Headlinelanding

This is the most important element to your landing page! I repeat, the most important element to your landing page. Your headline can make or break it for you. The landing page is what your reader will see first and decide whether they want to keep reading. A successful headline is:

  • Attention grabbing.
    • What is going to make the reader stop and say “I want to know more?”
  • Informative.
    • Does your headline explain exactly what your product/service will accomplish?
  • Concise.
    • Is your headline short and to the point?

Persuasive Value Proposition

This is where your sale is made. A persuasive value proposition answers the underlying question of your reader, “What’s in it for me?”

Your value proposition should consist of two components:

  • a hurt
  • a satisfaction

People naturally seek “relief” from a hurt or ways to make their life easier. You want to capitalize on this! Emphasize what your reader stands to lose (i.e. hurt) without your product or service. On the flip side, you also want to emphasize how your product alleviates this pain (i.e. satisfaction). The best ways to address both of these in your landing page are through testimonials and listing benefits.

Strong Call-to-Action

You’ve caught your reader’s attention. They have felt the hurt and want the satisfaction from it. This is where the second most important component of your landing page comes in: the call-to-action.

You can have the world’s most compelling copy, but if your landing page does not directly ask for an action from your reader, you risk them doing nothing. A strong call-to-action consists of:

  • A button with large, bold font in a contrasting color from your copy.
    • You want your call-to-action to be quickly and easily recognizable for higher conversions.
  • Compelling call-to-action copy.
    • Leave “download,” “submit,” and “buy now” at the door! Capture your reader’s desire and use copy that is mouth-watering and captivating. Remember, your reader should be of the mindset that they HAVE to have your product or service.


Images on your landing page should always be large and of high-quality. More importantly, all images should directly relate to the product or service you are trying to promote. For product-related landing pages, make sure to include an image of that product. For service-related landing pages, make sure your image persuasively correlates to your service offered.

Remember, landing pages are your one chance to turn your reader into revenue! As you implement these tips, always create A/B testing to find your winning combination.

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