The Generation That Will Change Your Marketing…Again!

by Infinity Concepts | Mar 8, 2016 | Branding, Creative, Digital

When marketers think about utilizing technology to reach a particular generation, Millennials usually are the first to come to mind. Naturally so, this generation was an integral reason behind the explosion of technology giants like Apple and Facebook. But what about Generation Z and why should you take notice of this emerging new generation?

Let’s start with the basics. Who is Generation Z? Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration, are those born in 1994 to present. Unlike their generational predecessors, this generation has never seen a world without technology and have practically grown up with a smartphone in hand.

Despite the eldest being only a few years out of high school, Gen Z’s possess billions in spending power making their pending dominance a goldmine to the organizations who can tap into their demand.  So what are some key insights into this young demographic?

Personally Branded

Often the younger siblings of a Millennial, this generation saw firsthand the struggle they endured to attain employment. As a result of growing up in this economic uncertainty, Gen Z’s have acquired a strong sense of independence and are building their resumes earlier than prior generations have. Gen Z’s seek to increase their online presence and remain loyal to the organizations that invite them to be a part of their social campaigns. Brands who empower their ambitious and innovative spirit will gain the attention of this self-reliant demographic.

Visually and Quality Driven

Gen Z’s have been digitally exposed by multiple channels since birth. This constant stimulation has dramatically decreased their attention span. If it doesn’t excite them or catch their attention instantly, they will not take interest in it. Social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram remain highly favored among this generation because of their highly visual and concise content appeal. Gen Z’s will seek brands who embrace interactive marketing with engaging videos, images, and well designed websites.

Don’t mistake their youth for impulsiveness! Quality reigns with this demographic. Despite their desire for what is trending, they will do their homework about your product or service before they are willing to invest. Rather than trust celebrity endorsements or catchy campaigns, they will seek online reviews from previous customers.

Transparent and Socially Responsible

No generation more than Gen Z has embraced the trend of selfies. Whether it’s in homeroom, the local mall, or in the privacy of their own home, Gen Z’s are not afraid to put themselves in the spotlight and showcase who they are. They expect the same transparency and authenticity of brands who market to them.

Like Millennials, Gen Z’s also have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. But simply saying you are a supporter of social causes don’t fly with this cohort. They not only want to see the proof of your social advocacy, but also they want to be a part of it! Invite Gen Z’s into your philanthropic efforts and consistently let them see updates on how their participation made an impact.

Mobile Connected

If your brand does not have a mobile strategy, it will not stand a chance with this demographic! Rarely without a smartphone, they utilize it not only to collect information, but to shop. Their $43 billion spending power was seen mostly in mobile and e-commerce sites. Brands who do not optimize their marketing for mobile will miss a huge opportunity with this upcoming generation that will outnumber the present Millennials.

Regardless of half of this generation still being in pull-ups, Gen Z has already begun to redefine the future of consumer purchasing behavior. What has influenced their predecessors will not work for this generation. Brands who understand and make preparations for effectively marketing to Gen Z’s will be better positioned to gain brand ambassadors out of this demographic.

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