3 Keys to Developing An “Awesome” Brand

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Branding

A few months ago, I started an experiment.  It all started one day when I was getting my son a drink. I brought him the drink and as a way to prompt him to remember his manners I said, “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!” To which he replied with a smile, “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!”brand

Flash forward to today and this conversation had been repeated consistently between him and his siblings. And much to my surprise, they started saying on their own.  Every time they want to express their thanks, I get a “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!” And not to leave my wife out, all on their own, they started saying “Thanks, Mom. You’re awesome!”

Of course, I really should not be surprised. What I have accomplished in my own home is something that many organizations should be doing every day.  Communicating their brand.

There are three components to developing a brand: frequency, consistency, and time.


I repeated the phrase every time.  If the kids just said “Thanks, Dad.” I would add “You’re awesome.” This happened over and over again. Just communicating what your organization is about one time is not enough. You need to keep saying it repeatedly.


I did not waver on my adjective of “awesome.”  I was not “cool.” I was not “amazing.” I was not “spectacular.” I was awesome! I continually reinforced that I was awesome. Whether it’s actually true or not is a topic for another time, but to my kids, I am awesome. Be sure you are saying the same thing. Do not waiver on your message. Stay on point.


This phenomenon did not occur after the first time. It did not happen after a few days. It did not even happen after a few weeks. It took time. It may take months. But the longer you communicate your message, the stronger it will become both internally to your organization and externally to your constituency.

Keep communicating your brand. Do it often. Be sure your messaging is consistent. And keep doing it. Eventually, even though you already know it, the rest of the world will know that “you’re awesome!”

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