Is Your Social Campaign Prepared for 2017?

by Infinity Concepts | Dec 6, 2016 | Digital

Social media has transformed today’s society. It has literally integrated into almost all aspects of our lives changing the very way we communicate, broadcast, purchase, and even plan major events.

This year was no different as many trends emerged that once again shifted how businesses interact with their consumer base. Take a look into the social trends that took 2016 by storm. How will this impact your planning as you strategize for the upcoming year? 

Muted Videos

I’m sure you have noticed that video is increasingly dominating your NewsFeed and virtually every other social media platform out there. However, much to the contrary, these videos are being viewed in silence!

According to a report released by Digiday, as much as 85 percent of Facebook’s video view are being watched without sound. This silent consumption of video is attributed to many viewing in environments that may deemed inappropriate or distracting like work and public transit.

In order to mitigate these circumstances, many of these muted feeds feature straightforward content or caption to ensure the messaging is relayed to the viewer.

Emerging Business Social Platforms

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were the social giants when it came to business friendly social platforms. However, that all changed when Instagram and Snapchat threw their hat into the ring.

Snapchat took a stab at the social elite when it introduced sponsored content through its geo-filters and offering ad targeting based on factors such as age, gender, and even video preferences. Although the jury is still out on specific return on investment gained, businesses have benefitted from the ability to use SnapChat as an up close glimpse into their brands.

Instagram, on the other hand, took the route of “if you can’t beat them, join them” when they were acquired by Facebook for a whopping $1 billion. This union emerged the expansion of Facebook’s already impressive ad platform.

Facebook Canvas Ads

Let’s face it. No one likes seeing ads in their NewsFeed. As a result, Facebook devised a new method to inspire consumers to engage with brands: Facebook Canvas ads.

Facebook defines Canvas as “a full-screen ad experience built for bringing brands and products to life on mobile.” Canvas changed the advertising game because now users no longer need to click out of the app to engage with mobile content. Businesses can use Canvas to create eye-catching interactive ads that encompass a user’s entire phone screen to capture their full attention with a customizable call-to-action button.

The Future of Social Landscape

As the end of 2016 rapidly approaches, one thing remains evident: social media is evolving faster than ever. What does this mean for brands? Businesses will have to consistently be exploring new ways to not only reach their target market, but also and perhaps now more importantly, generate lasting loyalty among its existing fan base.

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