Is Your Content Compatible With Your Sales Funnel?

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 11, 2017 | Branding

You have spent months crafting the perfect content strategy. Now it is the execution phase. You are confident that content will not only attract new prospective clientele, but also increase engagement of your established fan base. Not to mention, it should also move your newly acquired leads towards the purchase phase of your funnel.

In a utopian world, this strategy should work perfectly. However, what happens when it doesn’t go as expected? The simple answer may lie in a common but popular phrase: wrong place at the wrong time!

Content is king; but timing is everything. The timing of your content could very well not be in alignment with where your audience is in your sales funnel. Here is how to effectively take your audience from prospect to purchase with your content.

Before you put pen to paper, you need to first take into consideration at what stage is your potential buyer? Are they just getting to know your brand or are they at the point of decision?

At this stage, your audience is just beginning to discover your brand. Here you will want to display who you are and what you are about through simple and engaging posts, images, and video feeds on your social media platforms.

The decision stage requires more effort. Here you will need to beef up your content to drive the sale. The more in-depth the content, the greater the level of influence in the purchase decision.

Identifying where they are in your funnel is half the battle. Now you must walk with them through each step of their customer journey. Once you have established their position in your funnel, every touchpoint whether through e-newsletters, social media, demos, etc., should be focused on targeting them at that very phase then seamlessly prompting them to the next step. Once you tailor the content for each stage, look for ways to integrate personalization. Answer questions, address concerns, offer suggestions, and even provide new ideas in your content. Nurturing your leads is always the extra mile that will help you win!

If your content isn’t helping your ROI, it’s ultimately hurting it. Delivering the right content at the right time is crucial during your sales funnel. This will not only effectively provide qualified leads, but most importantly increase your bottom line.

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