SNAPCHAT: The Unexpected Force You Shouldn’t Ignore

by Infinity Concepts | May 9, 2017 | Media

Snapchat was once the dark horse newcomer of the social media platforms. When it came on the scene, many did not know what to make of it — nor did they understand the craze of it among Millennials and Generation Z’s. Some predicted it would simply be a passing fad. However, with over 160 million daily visitors and 5 billion video views, Snapchat is clearly here to stay.

Despite the growing traction of this five-year old platform, Snapchat is still met with uncertainty and skepticism when it comes to marketing. Marketing relies heavily on social proofs to establish credibility. Unlike social giants like Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat isn’t necessarily designed to provide that kind of metric. However, it does unlock the key to the generation with the most dominant purchasing power: Millennials.

Before we get into how to reach this generation on Snapchat, let me provide you with a brief consumer snapshot of the Millennial. According to Advertising Age, Millennials:

• Are expected to spend more than $200 billion annually beginning this year and $10 trillion in their lifetime.
• Rely on social media to engage with businesses and organizations.
• Form intense brand loyalty — with over 70 percent claiming they return to brands they prefer.

Quality Versus Quantity: Why Snapchat?
Facebook and Twitter may get your organization in front of a wider audience. However, Snapchat places you in front of a fan base on a more personal level. Therefore, they are genuinely more interested because it is easier to gain an emotional connection with them through this platform. With no financial barrier to entry, what does your organization have to lose?

Taking the Snapchat Leap
It goes without saying like any social platform, you need to build a following. Snapchat strategy for this is unique because it will require you to throw out the traditional rule book. Quality over quantity will be your theme. This means you will need to abandon the desire to appeal to masses in favor of a smaller, but more engaged audience.

STEP 1: Fan Base
Leverage your current social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to promote your Snapchat page. Always include your “Snapcode” or username on your other profiles. You can also share it as a post with a call-to-action to follow you on Snapchat.

The “Add Nearby” feature allows you to encourage people to follow your organization through Wi-Fi. This is especially beneficial if you are at an event or conference where there are potential followers.

STEP 2: Compelling Content
Snapchat is the optimum way to humanize your organization. Millennials value transparency and authenticity. Use your Snapchat to create touchpoints to connect with your consumers. These touchpoints include but are not limited to:

• Behind the scenes glimpses: a snapshot into what life is at your organization or ministry
• Announcement teasers: create excitement and build suspense to keep your audience on their toes
• Live coverage: upload “Stories” of your organization in action at events
• Product placement: show your product in action or encourage followers to share them using your product

Although your content on Snapchat displays temporarily, it doesn’t have to end there. To extend the life of your Snaps, download and share them on your other established social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is a great way to expand your content and give people a glimpse of the insights about your organization they can gain by following you on Snapchat.

STEP 3: Measurement of Efforts
In terms of formal metrics such as cost per clicks, click through rates, cost per leads, etc., Snapchat does not provide that kind of insight. But, you can measure:

• Views: who has viewed your individual “snap”
• Screenshots: when a viewer saves your “snap” to be viewed again at a later period
• Replays: when a viewer plays your snap again for review

Each of these metrics gives you the ability to see exactly who has the most interest in your organization opening the gateway for increased one-on-one interaction to drive engagement and brand advocacy.

If your organization is still debating Snapchat marketing, perhaps now is the time to give it a try. Snapchat is the perfect platform to reach Millennials — known as the “selfie generation.” On Snapchat you make them the star of your show, which is exactly where they want to be! As with all social media content, always provide value in your content. Implement these elements and you engage the Millennial force!

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