How To Leverage Facebook Advertising For Non-Profits

by George Konetes | Feb 20, 2018 | Digital, Fundraising

When asked about the usefulness of Facebook for non-profits, the first two things I usually say are (1) People usually don’t make donations on Facebook, and (2) you need to invest in Facebook. Those two statements seem contradictory, but it is really just a way to correctly frame the conversation.

Almost every American that has the Internet is on Facebook. Your audience is on Facebook and they may be easier to reach there than anywhere else. The key to keep in mind is that people typically do not give on Facebook, but they do give because of Facebook. Most of your current donors are on Facebook but they are giving through other channels. To succeed you need to create a bridge that gets people from Facebook into one of your giving channels. This is a three-part process.

Part 1 – Build Community Size and Engagement

How big does your community need to be? The answer is big enough to express outwardly the vision you have of the ministry inwardly. When potential donors learn about a new organization, one of the first things they do is look them up on Facebook. If you have 37 page likes and no activity on any of your posts, then they are likely to discount your legitimacy. You need to grow your Facebook community and keep those users engaged liking and sharing your posts. The simplest way to grow your audience is by using Facebook advertising.

Part 2 – Generate Action Off Facebook

You need to connect with people through some other channel: email, direct mail, app installs, podcasts, blogs, VLOG subscriptions … something! The way to do it is to use Facebook ads, not posts, to target the right audience and promote a value adding offer that will cause them to take action on another platform. You are not asking for a donation, you are asking for an action. Invite people to download something, subscribe to something, get a free hard copy book — something that makes them want to connect with you.

Part 3 – Transition the Conversation

Once people engage off of Facebook you need to pick the conversation and guide them into relationship with your organization. You need to nurture them with follow up communication, inspire them with your vision, and provide opportunities to partner with you. As they engage, you will be able to communicate with them through your normal communication channels.

Infinity Concepts is certified by Facebook to purchase and manage advertising. We have years of experience leveraging social media to meet and exceed the goals of ministries, non-profits, and businesses desiring to reach the Christian audience.

Infinity Concepts can help take your Facebook advertising and communication strategy to the next level — let’s talk today!

George Konetes

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