What’s On Your iPhone?

by Mark Dreistadt | Mar 29, 2018 | Digital, Leadership

Arguably the most important tool in my technology arsenal is my iPhone. Currently, I am using the iPhone 6+ — but I expect to upgrade soon. More importantly, however, are the apps that make my iPhone so valuable. I have many apps on my iPhone – perhaps too many. However, I thought I would take a moment to share a few of the apps that I use every day to organize my life and improve my productivity.


Whether I am catching up on the latest news or communicating with a client halfway around the world, these apps form the foundation of my iPhone arsenal.

  • Apple Mail – I have tried a number of other third-party email apps on my iPhone, only to come back to Mail. While I use a different email program on my laptop, I find that Mail serves me well on my iPhone.
  • Apple Messages – Texting has become a common means of communication among my staff and clients. The basic Messages program provides a simple solution to this type of communication.
  • What’s App – Much of my work involves communication with people in other countries. What’s App is a great tool for texting, phone calls, or even video calls with overseas contacts.
  • Bitmoji – For a bit of fun with some of my messages I include a personalized avatar from Bitmoji.
  • Zoom – For audio or video conferencing, my program of choice is Zoom. Great quality and stability, even overseas. It nicely handles multiple simultaneous video feeds.
  • Apple Podcasts – I subscribe to a number of podcasts that I listen to regularly, including Health, Hope & Inspiration, which is a podcast we produce for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. By subscribing through iTunes, my podcasts are served up to me through this simple, yet powerful Podcast app.
  • Safari – Once again I have tried other search engine apps on my iPhone — but for this device, Safari serves me best.


I am on the road about half of my life. When I travel it is important that I have good real-time information to make travel as efficient and convenient as possible.

  • Waze – This is by far my favorite GPS program. Waze is especially good at finding alternative routes when traffic is backed-up. I often discover shortcuts I would never have known about except for the directions of Waze.
  • TripIt – When booking flights, hotels, restaurants, and meetings, TripIt helps keep everything in order. It provides a convenient interface to checking-in to flights as well.
  • OpenTable – This app allows me to quickly review local restaurants and make reservations for business meals.
  • Dark Sky Weather – I was recently introduced to this up-to-the-minute GPS driven weather app. It has awesome graphics, great information, and it can be set up for multiple locations.
  • World Clock – If you need to know what time it is, in another part of the world, this simple app does the trick.


  • Google Calendar – I periodically change the app I use to manage my calendar, but the app I am currently using is Google Calendars. It provides a lot of flexibility and interfaces with all my other software nicely.
  • Evernote – This is the ultimate note-taking and document filing app. Notes can be categorized and saved for easy retrieval. This app interfaces with Evernote on my laptop, so I can take notes on my phone and review them on my laptop.</li style=”margin-bottom:10px”>
  • WorkFlowy – This app syncs with my laptop, as well. However, it is good for only one thing – making lists. It is the ultimate list making program. I literally use it every day.
  • Office Lens – This app allows me to make pictures of documents, business cards, and whiteboards clear and readable. Files can be saved in multiple formats, including PDF.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox is my primary choice for cloud storage. This Dropbox app allows me to access essentially any file on our cloud drive.

Interestingly, the apps I regularly use on my iPad are somewhat different than these because of the larger screen. In an upcoming blog I will review my most used iPad apps, as well. I hope you find this information helpful and interesting.

Let me know what apps YOU are using to make your life more interesting, organized, and productive…

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Mark Dreistadt

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