7 “Lacks” Hindering Your Organization

by Jason Dreistadt | May 4, 2018 | Leadership

Projects get lost — despite the best intentions of everyone involved. And no one can quite put their finger on what happened.  Below are seven “lacks” that might hinder a project. See which one might be affecting your organization.

    1. Lack of Clear Vision – When an initiative is brought up, be sure the deliverables are clearly defined. It is one thing to have a great idea — but will it ultimately achieve? Talk about what the outcome looks like… define the benefits… describe the desired experience.
    2. Lack of Process – Once the scope and deliverables are established, determining the steps to accomplish the goal is key. Without a clear plan, the project will meander, get off budget, and potentially never come to fruition. Determine how to best approach each step along the way and define the best practices for the endeavor.
    3. Lack of Ownership – The next issue is to determine who is responsible for the project. Once a vision is cast and the steps are placed in order, someone has to be the “champion” of the cause. Without a specific person owning the endeavor, it is easy for things to get off track. Not everyone is a good project manager, so make sure that the person in charge has the right personality, motives, and ability.
    4. Lack of Perspective – Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and see what’s going on to avoid a “can’t see the forest for the trees” scenario. It’s easy to get so lost in the details, that the original vision can get lost. Having an outside objective viewpoint from someone else, can give a fresh perspective.
    5. Lack of Commitment – As the project progresses, it is not uncommon to second guess an initiative and to worry what others might think. There are nay-sayers to almost any project. Communicate the vision to some of these people early on to increase understanding and establish their buy-in.
    6. Lack of Patience – Most worthy projects take longer, and cost more, than initially anticipated.  It is wonderful for an idea to generate a lot of excitement, but that excitement needs to be translated into progress, lest the deadlines sneak up on you. Be sure that clear timelines are set up from the onset and periodic updates are provided.
    7. Lack of Funding – The Bible says in Luke 14 to “count the cost” before you begin. Check to make sure that there are sufficient finances to handle the project. Perhaps it is necessary to raise more capital or shift existing budgeted funds. It may mean that the project cannot happen until later. It is better to wait and start when the time is right than to get started and have to stop in midstream for lack of funding.

If you have a project currently hindered by one of these “lacks,” let us know how Infinity Concepts can help!

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