Public Relations: The Most Powerful Tool At Your Fingertips

by Infinity Concepts | Sep 7, 2018 | Media, Public Relations

Public relations is a powerful and invaluable tool in every organization’s promotional tool belt. However, most organizations do not understand the strategic value of a solid PR program and consequently do not enjoy the benefits available from utilizing these important and powerful PR Tools. Many organizations simply do not understand what good public relations can do to help achieve the overall objectives of brand development, awareness, and outreach.

Through public relations, an organization can craft critical messages and tell important stories. Those two things are at the heart of building awareness and generating engagement. However, too many times, the story organizations tell is not bred from strategy — but is driven by other sources. Unfortunately, the person or people driving the story, though well-intentioned, may not be aware of the overall impact of an independent and uncoordinated narrative.

A few scenarios might include:

  • The CEO or Executive Director who is very hands on and tends to drive the direction of all external communications.
  • The marketing or sales team that has a specific service or item they are trying to sell.
  • External sources that cause an organization to react emotionally, instead of responding in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

Multiple agendas inside an organization, external criticism, changing culture, or even internal problems can create a scenario where the organization must make critical decisions about how to respond. When this happens, the health and future of the organization must be the top priority. This is where public relations and professional PR counsel can become invaluable.

Certainly, there are individuals within each organization that can provide input and understanding. Insiders will know the organization and its strengths and weaknesses. But, by taking full advantage of the skill of a strategic PR professional, internal understanding is enhanced by external perspective and solid communication experience — and the PR Tools become much more powerful.

Just for the record, public relations is far more than an occasional press release or information distribution channel. Public relations is the most powerful way to shape public opinion about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. PR professionals can provide insight, experience, and strategy to help an organization make the most of every opportunity for exposure — in both good times and bad times.

When considering the possibility of supercharging your PR Tools by engaging a PR professional to assist your organization, there are a few vital points that need to be top of mind:

  • Outside Perspective – An external team dedicated to your organization’s PR success offers something you cannot get on the inside – perspective. Oftentimes, it is difficult to be objective about your own organization because you are too close. Not only do you have a personal investment in what you are doing, but it is what you think about every day, which can certainly create blind spots.
  • Focused Attention – When a specific campaign is in progress, most internal team members are spread so thin that they are not able to spend the important time necessary to ensure success at a PR level. Being able to devote time to generate effective communications, analyze success and failure, and quickly readjust as needed is critical.
  • Media Relations Experience — Whether you are celebrating an organizational milestone or navigating a PR crisis, the media relations expertise of a PR professional can make all the difference in the world. Through established relationship in the media and in-depth experience in messaging, a PR professional can help you optimize each situation and media opportunity.

Think about your promotional tool belt. Are your PR Tools being used effectively?

It is imperative to understand all that PR can do for you — and how a PR professional can enhance the possibilities. The most important point to remember is that to stay in the forefront of people’s mind’s you need to keep information flowing regularly. But the information needs to tell your story — at the right time — in the right way. When that happens you will engage your audience and propel your organization forward. That is the value of effectively using your PR Tools.

If your organization is looking for a strategic partner to help you supercharge your PR Tools and guide you in all areas of public relations, Contact us today!

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