Old Blogs, New Tricks

by Christine Johns | Oct 5, 2018 | Creative

For the past several months, I’ve been looking for a dog. I haven’t had a dog in nearly 20 years, so it’s been a challenging and lengthy process, to say the least.

A dear friend of mine has a terrier I absolutely adore. I love his independent terrier spirit (i.e. stubbornness), his playfulness, and his affectionate nature. To me, he’s the ideal dog. My friend, however, frequently laments that the dog is now too old to learn anything new to counteract his willfulness.

Nonsense, I say. Dogs, no matter how old they are—if you’ll pardon the cliché—can learn new tricks. You have to have patience and a willingness to be creative, but they’ll learn and love you for it. And you’ll learn some things about yourself along the way.

Let’s take this idea a step further. If you apply this to your marketing, you can find new ways to give your content, particularly your blog posts, new life. (Now if you can teach your dog to write your blog posts, let me know.)

I believe it’s safe to say that a solid creative content marketing strategy takes time and effort to develop. You have to research your audience, adopt a strategy that meets their needs, create the content itself, and then promote it across myriad channels.

If you’re going to assume all that responsibility, it’s worth it to ensure you maximize your efforts.

Take a hard look at your blog posts. You likely have quality, evergreen material that features expert insights you provide. Instead of allowing all that content to moulder in the blog boneyard, here are a few new tricks you can easily use to “put those puppies to work”:

  1. Open a free account on Lumen5 and take your blog posts to video. Converting your blogs to video provides an entirely new distribution channel for your content and offers a great way to increase traffic and engage with your target audience. All you have to do is upload your blog post, and Lumen5 will match your content with relevant videos, photos, and music…all within 10 minutes!
  2. Create an infographic using relevant data from your blog post. Pack value into a gorgeous visual representation using information from your blog. Popular on Pinterest and Twitter, infographics generate a LOT of shares which provide increased reach. Canva is a great free resource for infographic templates, or you can opt for an affordable monthly package with Piktochart or Venngage.
  3. Transform your blog posts into lead magnets. Who doesn’t love a good lead magnet? Lead magnets are anything you can give away for free in exchange for a name and an email. You can turn your blog posts into a single lead magnet or a package featuring several posts in one. Use online tools like Beacon.by or PrintFriendly.com to give them some graphic appeal, and promote them via a landing page or pop-up.
  4. Make a podcast feature out of your blog posts. If you’re feeling especially daring, start a podcast featuring your blog content. It’s easier than you think. Try fm for free to get started recording. Now your audience can listen to your content while they’re on the go, anytime or anywhere.

This list is not an exhaustive bag of tricks—there are plenty more you can discover. Let Infinity Concepts help your business or organization breathe new life into your old content!

If you want to know more — let’s talk!

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