4 Simple Methods to Brand Your Social Media Content

by Christine Johns | Nov 30, 2018 | Branding, Creative, Digital

You have probably heard this one before, but if you have not, say it with me: Content is king. I know, it is a bit hackneyed, but it has not lost its importance, particularly when it comes to how you lead with your visual content.

In prior blogs, we have covered tips on how to make your visual content more powerful, but in this blog, we are going to explore ways to amplify your social media content with your brand.

If you are regularly posting on social media channels, you already know the challenges of generating fresh material on a daily basis. But how do you ensure there is consistency between those channels and your brand? Here are some easy, but effective ways to give your content a professional edge:

  1. Be consistent with your logo.

Assuming your logo is set up for digital use, make sure it is displayed consistently across every social media channel. Set up rules for using your logo—you can actually oversaturate your images by plastering it everywhere. If you use it on social media posts, alternate how it is used. Make sure it features prominently in your banners, avatars, or cover photos. Canva is a great service to create social media posts across a variety of channels. It has a “resize” option that seamlessly transforms your original design to a template with a different set of dimensions.

  1. Use the biggest font to highlight your most important message.

Think about what you want your image to achieve. What message do you want to communicate? Once you know, emblazon it on your image using BIG TYPE and few words. Your audience only spends about a millisecond to process an image. Make it count, and you may see your click through and engagement skyrocket.

  1. With type, less is more.

Since you are making ample use of your BIG TYPE, do not complicate your message by adding more words. Your image and your main message should carry the meaning. It is okay to leave plenty of space. And since we are talking about limits, select three typefaces to work with—preferably ones that match your website. Give your audience a consistent and smooth journey from your posts to your website.

  1. Give the gift of balance.

If there is anything that makes many humans feel all snuggly and warm inside, it is when everything is its place. Because we naturally seek out symmetry, we tend to perceive objects in a state of unity and order. That is why balance is a key principle of good design. Your image needs balance in order to feel complete. It does not mean everything must be perfectly symmetrical, however. It just means that the visual weight of any objects, space, or color you use should be equally distributed across the page. And when it is used properly, it causes a release of dopamine, the “feel-good” chemical of the brain.

Here’s a fun fact:
Brain mapping experiments done at the University College London have shown that viewing art provides the same pleasure as being in love. And what a wonderful gift to give to those who engage with you! Happy creating!

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