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by Jason Dreistadt | Nov 23, 2018 | Branding, Consulting, Leadership

One of the overlooked items when it comes to branding is people.

The Brand Perception of your organization is the result of the collection of experiences that people have with your organization. Most brand experiences are the result of interaction with people.

People are a reflection of the organization’s brand. They are often the first impression to the outside world. However, they are also a continued expression of your brand… and not just externally, but internally as well.

A healthy Internal Brand is where a strong External Brand begins.

It is best to make sure that your staff is a good fit both in relation to your brand expression as well as with each other. The culture of your organization internally is just as important as the messaging you convey to the outside world. If there is discord within the organization, it will eventually express itself externally. Here are three ways to evaluate your Internal Brand:

  1. Have a summit meeting.

Meeting of the minds… Perception Meeting… Strategic Planning… Call it whatever you want, but it’s often good to get all of the key decision makers into a room to evaluate your position. Ask the tough questions about goals for the future, examine mistakes in the past, and evaluate current individuals on the team.

  1. Bring in an objective third party.

A specialized objective third party, such as a consultant, is a great way to get some perspective on your brand. Even having them facilitate the above-mentioned summit meeting is a great advantage. They are not invested in the individual agendas and personal positioning that often takes place in the organization. Being able to ask those tough questions while also honoring the heart of the leadership is a valuable contribution to solidifying your team.

  1. Conduct personality and team evaluations.

Using products such as Wiley’s Everything DiSC and Team Dimensions to evaluate your team will sometimes uncover reasons for misunderstanding or conflicts. By evaluating personality and team interactions, it is possible to reveal hidden perspectives that can generate friction. As Jim Collins expressed in his book, Good to Great, it’s important to get the right people on the bus – but also in the right seat on the bus. You may have great people who are underperforming, simply because they are in the wrong position. Once you understand more about their personality and role preferences, you may be able to reassign them to a different position where they will truly blossom.

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