How Leaders Should Utilize Social Media

by Infinity Concepts | Mar 15, 2019 | Digital, Leadership

There is no question that social media is an invaluable tool to every organization. If you are not communicating with your audience and regularly analyzing and updating your strategy, you are not connecting with your potential audience.

Utilizing social media as the leader of an organization is no less valuable and important to the success of your business or ministry. As a leader, your presence in the public eye can be just as important—or even more so.

Through your knowledge and your personality, you have the ability to connect with your audience in a way your brand alone cannot. But there are best practices in how to communicate. Some people are more comfortable in that space and communicating comes easily. Others may struggle to inject themselves into a virtual conversation. There is not one correct way, but there are some constants that should be considered.

Be consistent

The best way to reach your audience is to be consistent in your outreach. At a minimum, you should work to connect with them 2-3 times per week. When you stay consistent in your frequency, they will have a better understanding of when to expect a post from you.

Also, be consistent in your tone. There is a disconnect with your audience if you are formal in one post, and casual and conversational in the next. Commit to how you want to communicate. The content can change from a personal experience that happened to an educational post, but the tone should always remain consistent.

Stay on your own brand

In the same regard, you have a personal brand as a leader, and it is imperative to remain true to that brand. Your personal brand does not necessarily have to mirror your organization’s brand, but it certainly cannot be contrary to it either. Make guidelines for yourself—then stick to them and stay true to yourself.

Be insightful

You have been elevated to leadership within an organization, which means your strategy, knowledge, and opinion is esteemed. Sharing that knowledge with your audience helps elevate your position as an expert in your field and makes you a trusted voice. If what you are offering is of value, people will seek out your opinion.

Speak up

If you have something to say, do not hesitate to speak up. You are an expert in your field and if there is a current event, or relevant opportunity to share your expertise, there is an eager audience. Your voice holds great value and that is important for you to remember.

Do not back down

Part of your expertise, and therefore your brand, may be making statements that are not always popular with competitors, or those on the other side of an issue. If you are confident enough to make the statement, be confident enough to consistently back it up. By backing down from previous statements, you could show weakness and you will quickly lose trust with your followers.

Be genuine

Regardless of your style, your tone, or the information you choose to share, remain genuine. Today’s consumers are smart and intuitive and will have a difficult time connecting with you if you are not sincere in your communication. Social media offers the unique opportunity to “get close” to your followers. Take advantage of the precious chances you have to gain trust and affinity for you and your organization.

There are many CEOs and leaders who successfully navigate social media daily. Be attentive to what makes them capture attention. There is always room on social media channels for true expert voices. Take action today to strategize and place yourself in the conversation!

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