The Most Powerful Group In The United States

by Mark Dreistadt | Mar 22, 2019 | Consulting

Infinity Concepts specializes in reaching the Christian community. We work with ministries, non-profits and for-profit corporations who want to share their mission, products or services with this powerful group of believers. Perhaps you never thought about the Christian community as being particularly powerful. Here are a few statistics that might give you a little different perspective:

  • Over 70% of American adults consider themselves Christian. That is 7 out of every 10 people in this country. However, “Christian” means different things to different groups of people.
  • Over 30% of American adults consider themselves Evangelical Christians. Evangelicals are typically defined by four distinctives:
    • The Bible is the highest authority for personal faith and practice
    • Sharing the gospel through both expression and demonstration is important
    • Forgiveness of sin comes only through the death of Jesus on the cross
    • God’s free gift of eternal salvation is for all who trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior
  • Evangelical Christians are the largest minority in America. Evangelicals have their own media, publications, gathering places, and expressions.

The top five Evangelical states by percentage of adults are:

  • Tennessee 52%
  • Alabama 49%
  • Kentucky 49%
  • Oklahoma 47%
  • Arkansas 46%

The top five Evangelical states by population of adults are:

  • Texas 8.9 Million
  • California 7.9 Million
  • Florida 5.1 Million
  • Georgia 4.0 Million
  • N Carolina 3.6 Million
  • Total number of Evangelical Christians in America exceeds 80 Million adults.
  • Christians overall have an estimated purchasing power of over $5 trillion per year.
  • Faith-Driven consumers are a subset of the Christian community. Purchase decisions are made by a brand’s compatibility with the Christian worldview. This group represents over 40 million American adults and over $2 Trillion in annual buying power.
  • Faith-Driven consumers are diverse by race, gender, political preference, household type, and income level. What they share in common is they make purchasing decisions based on their faith.

*Please note, research data varies based on how Evangelical is defined.

However you slice the pie – Christian, Evangelical, or Faith-Driven – this group of people is significant in number and buying power. For ministries, it means there are fellow believers who want to help you share the Gospel, if they know about your work. For non-profits, it means there are people who are ready, willing, and able to fund your mission, if properly inspired. For businesses, it means there is a pool of largely unreached consumers that can significantly impact your bottom line.

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Mark Dreistadt

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