Facebook Livestream Policy News Update

by Infinity Concepts | May 16, 2019 | News

This week Facebook announced that it will restrict users who attempt to use their livestream tool to “cause harm or spread hate.” Users who transgress this policy will be banned from using the tool temporarily (for 30 days), and possibly permanently.

Christian broadcasters and communicators should not be concerned with this announcement. Essentially Facebook is doubling down on enforcing existing rules and regulations as it tries to bolster its public image.

However, there is one item to be concerned about. Guy Rosen, Facebook’s Vice President of Integrity, wrote the following in a press release:

“We plan on extending these restrictions to other areas over the coming weeks, beginning with preventing those same people from creating ads on Facebook.”

If Facebook extends their current policy to encompass politics, issues of national importance, or religion, then Christian communicators could have a major issue.

We will be following the coming changes closely and publish updates as appropriate.

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