The Importance of a Crisis Management Plan

by Infinity Concepts | May 17, 2019 | Public Relations

Every organization will at some point be faced with a crisis situation. A crisis is any situation that challenges the reputation of your organization, or clients, donors, or individuals associated with your organization. Whether it is directly or indirectly, your organization’s reaction and response to the situation will directly impact your brand.

The best way for your organization to deal with a crisis is to take the time to plan for one before it happens. A proactive approach will serve your organization and your brand well. Here are four key strategies for effective Crisis Management:

Be Prepared

Take the time to be proactive and get ahead of the story. The time spent planning for what might happen will help to streamline your response and protect your brand when a crisis happens.

  • Assemble a Crisis Communications Team
  • Brainstorm with your team all possible crisis scenarios – if it can go wrong, it will go wrong
  • Designate a spokesperson to ensure consistency in your communication
  • Train your team on what their specific response will be based on their title/role within the organization

Planning ensures that everyone in your organization is on the same page making your response more effective.

Act Quickly

Get ahead of the situation as quickly as possible to help diffuse negative response. Apologize, if necessary, and communicate effectively. The longer it takes for your organization to respond, the harder it will be to overcome all negative thoughts and feelings regarding the situation.

Monitor Social Media and Other Messages

Keep a pulse on social media and other media outlet responses in order to stay ahead of the story. You can communicate most effectively when you know what is being said and by whom.

Be Transparent and Accountable

Be honest in your response. The best way to rebuild and maintain trust is to be honest and transparent throughout the situation. Acknowledge what has happened, accept responsibility, and communicate the steps your organization will take to move forward.

Crisis situations are impossible to predict and can happen at any time to any organization. Take the time to work with your team to create a best practice for these situations and have a crisis management plan in place.

Every organization needs a Crisis Management Plan and Public Relations strategy.
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