Is Your Digital Acquisition Data Telling A Story?

by George Konetes | Jul 12, 2019 | Digital

Recently I was reviewing the analytics for a Facebook donor acquisition pilot campaign. At face value the analytics left the impression that the campaign was not effective and should be discontinued. The bottom line numbers were clear, but I wanted to know what wasn’t working. The bottom line is the most important line on the report, but it’s seldom the most helpful and it will almost never give you any answers. Every test provides data that can be used to create success, if you can learn the story behind the results.

As I dug into the data for this campaign, I realized that performance metric after performance metric was good. The targeting was good, the ad delivery was good, the number of clicks and the cost per click were both good. But the number of acquired donors was still not acceptable. I dug deeper.

Using historic click-to-donor conversion data from similar previous campaigns I was able to determine that our benchmark conversion rate from clicks was about 364% higher than this pilot campaign. Something was broken…

The trail led to the donation pages. After testing to make sure they worked, I found that the issue was in the design and the form. It just was not user friendly, especially on desktop. This pilot initiative was only a few changes away from being a full-fledged campaign with a lot of potential.

The whole detection process took less than an hour. The result was the ability to change the analysis from failed experiment to very successful marketing campaign by simply repairing the speedbump that occurred at the actual point of giving. Data is not just data — it tells a story. When you are able to find the story the data is telling, a few changes can result in a happy ending.

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George Konetes

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