TEAM | Experienced & Innovative

President | Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and President, Mark is the heart of Infinity Concepts. The foundation he has built inspires us all to dream bigger and work harder and to never settle for less than our best. During those rare moments when he is not working, Mark unwinds by playing the piano and singing, solving puzzles, and watching movies. Mark dreams about someday finding time to write at least one of the many books he carries around in his head.

Mark has had an interesting career. His first job was unloading truckloads of potato chips. He has been a record producer, studio musician, bank teller, song writer, piano tuner, youth pastor, print shop owner, CFO, minister of music, talk show host, and TV station manager. He founded Infinity Concepts in 2002 with one simple goal: to surround himself with the best people he could find to help other people achieve what they could not do on their own. Read More »


VP | Chief Financial Officer

Susie plays a vital role at Infinity Concepts, and we all love her for it; she signs our paychecks! In all seriousness, though, she enjoys being the head of the HR department and keeping our company finances organized and running smoothly. Her diligence is motivated by the knowledge that working for the Kingdom requires the very best.

Susie is seldom seen around the office without her adorable but mischievous puppy, Maggie the Marketing Wonder Dog. In her free time, Susie enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Although usually laid back, Susie also enjoys a spirited snowball fight, but her most surprising talent is the ability to write backwards on an Etch-a-Sketch! She has a desire to travel more, especially overseas.


VP | Chief Operations & Creative Officer

Jason is best known for his passionate commitment to strategic thinking and creative innovation. He brings a broad spectrum of experience in branding, creative design, event planning, marketing, direct mail, and non-profit management to his work at Infinity Concepts.

With over 20 years of experience in both the entertainment industry and the non-profit world, Jason has built a reputation as a creative thinker and problem solver, providing insightful resolution to challenges facing the clients he serves. Jason provides strategic and creative oversight to the day to day operations at Infinity Concepts.

When he manages to find a few free hours, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and young children. He secretly plots his escape to a tropical paradise, but in the meantime, maintains his sanity with movies, music, and superheroes. Also, coffee — lots and lots of coffee. Jason’s dream is to voyage to a galaxy far, far away and apprentice as a Jedi knight.


VP | Chief Growth Officer

Darrell is a 20-year veteran leader of a multi-campus megachurch and international television and radio broadcast ministry. Darrell specializes in maximizing results out of limited resources. Whether developing fundraising strategies, creating donor retention programs, launching humanitarian outreaches on the other side of the world, or implementing marketing and assimilation strategies to grow a local church, Darrell’s passion is to help clients achieve their goals and fulfill their mission.

Darrell leads and oversees all of the client teams of Infinity Concepts in the development of integrated fundraising and marketing strategies for a wide array of ministries, nonprofits, and organizations who want to engage the Christian audience. Darrell specializes in identifying barriers to growth, developing and executing strategies for success, and reporting measurable results.

When Darrell is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter. Darrell also loves being in the great outdoors water skiing and boating, and hopes to one day build his dream home on a lake.


Digital Media Director | Account Manager

With a Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology, George has an intuitive grasp of how to use media to impact audience behavior. Guided by data-driven insights, he specializes in implementing strategic plans that produce desired outcomes with a focus on both efficiency and efficacy. Utilizing a keen sense of balance between practicality and innovation, George oversees digital initiatives to ensure strategic implementation and successful results.

Additionally, George manages select agency accounts at Infinity Concepts.

A commitment to healthy living and physical fitness is George’s trademark, along with a wry sense of humor. When he is not at Infinity Concepts, he enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and roasting his own coffee beans in search of the perfect cup of coffee.


Media Director

Paul is the original employee of Infinity Concepts, and our resident media wizard. He spends his days diligently putting together the best possible deals on media buys for our clients.

When not at work, Paul enjoys reading, gardening, serving in various ministries in his church, and biking through scenic Pennsylvania. One day he hopes to finish the movie he started making years ago.

At Infinity Concepts, Paul strives to work each day in a way that furthers the glory of God. It is evident in his patience and steadfast commitment to each and every project.