PRINCIPLES | How We Operate

Infinity Concepts is a values-based agency that operates according to the following principles.

Biblical Worldview

We will operate our agency with a biblical worldview, recognizing that the principles of honesty and integrity are indispensable.


We will work with our clients as their strategic partner, deeply committed to their success. We will not sell them what they do not need, we will not compromise their trust, and we will not tell them what they want to hear if it is not in their best interest.


We cannot work for everyone. We will resist the temptation. Our agency must and will position itself based on our strengths and experience, then pursue only clients who match those attributes.


We believe that every enterprise should be approached strategically: defining objectives, discovering obstacles, determining guidelines, and deciding budget in advance.


We are committed to creative excellence and providing superior customer service. Each member of the agency is personally responsible to produce great work and provide the highest quality of service for our clients.


We believe the work we do is important – potentially life changing. We must care … a lot. The work matters. The ideas matter. The execution matters. Everything makes a difference.


We believe in the value of collaborative effort. More is accomplished when we work together and draw from one another’s strengths.


We value honesty and candor in our advice to our clients.


We are trusted stewards of our clients’ money. We make every effort to save our clients’ money whenever possible.


We will present our recommendations with conviction based on what is best for the client. At the same time, we will maintain a healthy respect for the client’s knowledge and opinions.


We believe that it is best to maintain a comprehensive approach: one that considers the implications of each action in the big picture and long term.

Outcome Orientation

We will always value both effectiveness and efficiency. We commit to effectively producing meaningful outcomes, while avoiding wasted time and effort.