Public Relations

4 Keys To Executing An Effective Public Relations Campaign

There are many different approaches to a strategic and effective public relations campaign. However, once you have built your strategy and developed the campaign, the critical component becomes effective execution. Keys To Executing An Effective Public Relations Campaign There are common elements to effectively execute almost every

Public Relations Puzzle

Who Needs Public Relations?

Short answer … you do! I want to talk to you for a minute about Public Relations — PR.  Public Relations is often underrated by ministry organizations and frequently misunderstood. However, properly executed, PR can literally change public opinion about your organization. It can generate interest


The Experience Gap: 3 Keys for Effective Donor Relations

An Experience Gap is the distance between what donors expect from your organization and what donors actually experience.  The challenge faced by any non profit, ministry, church, or other organizations involved in fundraising is connecting with their donor’s hearts and expectations. 1) Understand Donor Expectations Your donors


Marketing or Public Relations

I am often asked, "What is the difference between marketing and public relations (PR)?" PR is about managing perception and developing relationships. Marketing uses the media to send a message, while PR engages the media in what you are doing so they send the message


Having Fun with Event Planning

One of my favorite television shows is The Office. It is one of the most over-the-top, outrageous work environments. When I started at Infinity Concepts I was so excited to learn that this was the show of choice for lunchtime viewing. I looked forward to