Mark Dreistadt

President | Chief Executive Officer
Mark Dreistadt

About Mark

As the founder and President, Mark is the heart of Infinity Concepts. The foundation he has built inspires us all to dream bigger and work harder and to never settle for less than our best. During those rare moments when he is not working, Mark unwinds by playing the piano and singing, solving puzzles, and watching movies. Mark dreams about someday finding time to write at least one of the many books he carries around in his head.

Mark has had an interesting career. His first job was unloading truckloads of potato chips. He has been a record producer, studio musician, bank teller, song writer, piano tuner, youth pastor, print shop owner, CFO, minister of music, talk show host, and TV station manager. He founded Infinity Concepts in 2002 with one simple goal: to surround himself with the best people he could find to help other people achieve what they could not do on their own.

Mark is known for both his passion and his remarkable talent for helping leaders maximize the potential of their organizations. He has a long and distinguished history of transforming organizations through his strategic counsel and blended approach to branding, advertising, fundraising, and media management. Mark is a dynamic communicator known for his clear and compelling style of presenting transformational insights and strategies. He brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to help every organization he serves. Mark provides strategic oversight to all the clients served by Infinity Concepts.

“More than 15 years ago, I started Infinity Concepts with a commitment to help our clients think more strategically, operate more efficiently, and communicate more effectively. Over the years we have been privileged to work with some of the most outstanding ministries, organizations, and businesses in America.

For the past decade, we have also been privileged to work with many Israel-based or Israel-focused organizations. Israel is close to my heart on a personal level – and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to engage the Land and people of Israel on a professional level, as well.

Please take time to look throughout the site to learn more about Infinity Concepts and what our team can do to help you. If you are looking for an agency that will be your thoughtful partner and impassioned advocate – Infinity Concepts might be for you.”

— Mark Dreistadt