Digital Donor Acquisition and Fundraising

American Friends of Magen David Adom

The Situation

This long-standing Israel charity, functioning as Israel’s Red Cross, wanted to begin to reach Christian donors in the U.S. to support their work. Historically, American Friends of Magen David Adom has been funded almost exclusively by Jewish donors.

However, due to the aging and declining population of first and second generation Jewish Americans, their historical funding pathways have been narrowing. The younger generation feel less connected to Israel and less responsible to support Israel’s emergency medical services.

AFMDA engaged Infinity Concepts due to our long-standing work with Israeli organizations and our unique position as a bridge between the Jewish and Christian communities. The Christian community represents a large and significant new channel for donor support.


We worked with the charity to create a unique campaign to communicate with the U.S. Christian audience. This campaign had its own messaging, digital appeals, direct mail, website, database, and call center.

Infinity Concepts also launched a strategic public relations effort to help the organization to not only reach a new audience but bring the core of its message to a new group of people who had no knowledge of their lifesaving work.

In the first year, we built the initial assets, messaging, and processes needed to reach, engage, convert, receipt, and follow-up with a new donor base. We also generated an initial audience of 100,000+ email addresses and cultivated a preliminary donor base.

We were able to take the campaign from a standing start in a brand new market to cash-flow positive in less than 18 months. This process cultivated thousands of new donors whose hearts were moved by the cause.

As the campaign matured, we began to incorporate additional elements such as lapsed donor reactivation strategies, partnership building strategies, and urgent appeal strategies, keying off current events and relevant breaking news in Israel.

Utilizing an experience-based, data-driven process, we were able to help this charity open a new and warmly receptive audience to their life-changing work.

This work is ongoing as we continue to engage the Christian community on behalf of Magen David Adom.


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