Email Lead Generation

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Danish Bible Petition

The Goal

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) had a goal to grow its support base,
both in terms of email contacts and new donors.

the situation

The Danish Bible Society launched a new Bible translation that largely removed references to Israel from the Scriptures. The ICEJ felt compelled to respond and take a stand for the integrity of the Scriptures, and for Israel.


We developed and launched a petition on behalf of the ICEJ based on the theme of Israel being erased from the Scriptures.

  • Prospective donors were asked to endorse a petition calling for the new Danish Bible translation to be rescinded/amended by the publishers.
  • The primary promotion for the petition involved Facebook ads utilizing still images and animations.
  • After prospective donors signed the petition, they were given the immediate opportunity to make a gift to further support the cause via the thank-you page and an automated email.


Layer 1
The petition campaign ran for 14 months and gained 177,192 signatures, the great majority of which were new contacts to the organization. Furthermore, this email acquisition campaign also produced 1,617 donors. The initial funds raised from the petition signers nearly funded the entire initiative.

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