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Faith And Wellness

Faith & Wellness: Evangelical Insights on Healing and Physicians

We learned that many evangelical Protestant patients desire a physician who shares their religious beliefs. The healing power of prayer and the profound impact of spiritual practices on their well-being cannot be understated. However, navigating these preferences within an increasingly polarized society can pose unique challenges.

The study reveals that among evangelical Protestants, there is a strong consensus on the positive impact of spiritual practices like prayer and reading the Bible on their mental and physical well-being.

The Sustainers

The Sustainers: Exploring Monthly Donor Partnerships

We reveal why evangelical Protestants are 27% more likely than donors in general to be part of a monthly giving program. This study gives insight into donation giving behavior as well as which group of evangelical Protestants give the most and more often.

Learn what motivates this segment of the Christian faith community and how to attract these prospects for your cause or ministry.

The Renewalists

The Renewalists: Pentecostal and Charismatic Evangelicals

We explore the world of Pentecostal and Charismatic evangelicals and how they differ from other evangelical Christians.

The study discovered some interesting attributes of Renewalists, such as they tend to be somewhat younger than other evangelicals, more likely to be raising children, more ethnically diverse, and more likely to live in less traditionally Christian parts of the country (Northeast and West).

The study also revealed some interesting findings about spiritual engagement, generosity, and online church from this sector of the evangelical community.


The Favorite Charity: Evangelical Giving Priorities

We asked evangelical Protestant donors to name their very favorite charity or ministry to support. Their answers reveal a lot about the giving priorities of evangelicals.

The most startling finding was that despite what they claim, only a minority of evangelicals actually favor a faith-based organization in their giving.

The Holy Land Journey: Evangelicals and Israel Travel

Media Matters: Evangelicals and the Media

We explore what media forms evangelicals are using. As newer forms of media have emerged, such as podcasts and streaming video, the evangelical population (like the general population) has varied considerably in their willingness to adopt new media. And now that we have an explosion of choices, evangelicals are taking advantage of this, varying their preferences according to what they are using the media for.

The Holy Land Journey: Evangelicals and Israel Travel

The Holy Land Journey: Evangelicals and Israel Travel

We learn about the strength of evangelical desire to visit Israel. The types of evangelicals especially interested in visiting Israel are those who are more engaged in their faith (attending church regularly, reading the Bible frequently, etc.), those who believe that the Jews are still God’s chosen people today, and Pentecostal or charismatic evangelicals. In addition, the younger they are, the more likely evangelicals are to be extremely interested in travel to Israel.

The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church

The Generation Gap: Evangelical Giving Preferences

We learned how evangelicals prefer to give, in terms of location, variety of organizations and causes, advance planning, research, familiarity, and trust. We also learned that evangelicals under 40 are very, very different in their giving preferences.

The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church

The Congregational Scorecard: What Evangelicals Want in a Church

At times, it can seem as though complaining about one’s church is almost a national sport.

We asked churchgoing evangelicals whether they wish for changes or are fine as is with 14 different elements of the church they attend most often. Length of the sermons, style of music preference, requests for money, political involvement or mentions in sermons, racial diversity, women in leadership, and much more are addressed in this enlightening study.

The Jewish Connection: Evangelicals and Israel

The Jewish Connection: Evangelicals and Israel

There are many evangelicals who financially support Christian organizations that serve Israel and the Jewish people, as well as many Jewish and Israeli charities. Without evangelical support, many of these organizations would struggle to survive.

The Generosity Factor: Evangelicals and Giving

The Generosity Factor: Evangelicals and Giving

Even though giving and generosity are cornerstones of Christian doctrine, one out of every five evangelical Protestant adults in the US did not give a penny to either church or charity in the last 12 months, and half are estimated to have given away less than 1% of their income. Find out if tithing is a meaningless debate in this brand new study.

The Ripple Effect: Congregations, COVID, and the Future of Church Life

The Ripple Effect: Congregations, COVID, and the Future of Church Life

Because of COVID-19, more than three out of every four evangelical Protestants in the US have experienced watching church online instead of attending in person. More important is that going forward, the majority who did, now want to make online viewing part of their normal church experience. 

How will all this impact churches, denominations, and parachurch ministries that partner with local congregations? Find out the details in this study.

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Infinity Concepts teamed up with Grey Matter Research for a study of evangelical Protestants in the US. We questioned them at length about key topics related to church, giving, and much more.

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