George Konetes, PhD

Director of Client Success

george img

George, with his PhD in Communications Media and Instructional Technology, stands at the forefront of innovative campaign strategies. His approach to audience engagement is rooted in a deep understanding of how media can shape behavior. George is not just data-informed but data-inspired, crafting strategic plans that clarify the true objectives and create new ways to reach them.

Having been with Infinity Concepts since 2011, his leadership in the Client Success Department is marked by a bold balance of innovation and practicality. He guides his team toward groundbreaking solutions that deliver exceptional results for clients.

Over his tenure at Infinity Concepts, George has:

  • Pioneered our digital donor acquisition program, helping nonprofits around the world fund their missions.
  • Developed and launched a national pastors training curriculum which has been used to train thousands of church leaders at live events.
  • Launched multiple ministry podcasts, radio programs, television, and YouTube initiatives to help clients grow their reach.

In addition to his experience with digital media and client services, George is a credentialed minister and serves as an assisting pastor at his church.

A commitment to healthy living, good food, and the outdoors is George’s trademark. When he is not at Infinity Concepts, he enjoys reading, cooking, taking his family to the park, and spending time in the woods.