Darrell Law

VP | Chief Growth Officer

darrell img
With two decades of leadership experience at a multi-campus megachurch and a global broadcast ministry, Darrell brings a wealth of expertise to Infinity Concepts. His knack for leveraging limited resources to achieve maximum results has made him a pivotal figure in the realm of faith-based initiatives. Darrell’s diverse skill set includes developing effective fundraising strategies, crafting donor retention programs, initiating global humanitarian efforts, and driving growth in local churches through innovative marketing and assimilation strategies. His ultimate drive is to empower our clients to realize their visions and accomplish their missions.

At the helm of Infinity Concepts’ client teams, Darrell orchestrates the creation of integrated fundraising and marketing strategies tailored to a broad spectrum of ministries, nonprofits, and organizations keen on connecting and engaging with the Christian community. His adeptness at pinpointing growth obstacles, formulating strategic solutions, and delivering tangible outcomes underscores his role as a catalyst for client success.

When Darrell is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter. Darrell also loves being in the great outdoors water skiing and boating, and hopes to one day build his dream home on a lake.